PPFA continually updates its databases. If you do not have time to maintain your own databases or would prefer to use those maintained by PPFA, then you may subscribe to PPFA to have updated databases sent to you on a regular basis.

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PPFA is no longer available as a Trial Version. After making your payment, you will receive an email containing a link which will allow you to download PPFA. Once you have installed and run PPFA, a License Window will display. After sending the PPFA License Form you will receive an email containing your License Key. When you run PPFA, a License Window will display. After sending the PPFA License Form and payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation together with your licence key. So, once you have completed the license form within the program and sent it off, please come to this page to make payment.

PayPal PPFA uses PayPal to receive Payments.
PayPal protects your account with industry-leading encryption technology, proprietary risk models, and a team of over 800 experienced agents dedicated to fighting fraud.

If you prefer to make a direct deposit, after emailing your registration details, please send an email to orders [at] ppfa [dot] com [dot] au (write it like a normal address, we're just trying to avoid spam) requesting PPFA's bank details.

You MUST have Bet Selector to run the PPFA Form Analysis Program and the Race Day Browser. Click here to visit the Bet Selector website.

You DO NOT need Bet Selector to run Quaddie Buster or PPFA Staker.

For PPFA Staker you require Microsoft Excel. There is no online download for PPFA Staker. If you would like to purchase, make your payment using the link below, then send us an email to support [at] ppfa [dot] com [dot] au to confirm and we will email you the program.

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To see the Differences between the PPFA License Levels, click here.

Description Price Add to Cart
PPFA ver 9.0.0 $1,995.00
UPGRADE PPFA any ver prior to 9.0.0 to ver 9.0.0 $600.00
PPFA WorkBooks 2012 ( Current set of 21 WorkBooks ) $199.00
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