Contact Us

Should you have any problems whatsover, installing, running or understanding the concept of PPFA, please send an email to stavros [at] wn [dot] com [dot] au (write it like a normal address, we're just trying to avoid spam) and Steve will respond within 24hrs.

Any queries not related to the software available on this site (eg, marketing queries, partnership opportunities etc) should be addressed to stavros [at] wn [dot] com [dot] au

When you decide to register your software, you will need to send your registraion details to stavros [at] wn [dot] com [dot] au. This facility is available from within the software, however, should you have any problems, please use this email link to send your details.

Steve is available on mobile No. +61 413 164 550 (between 11am and 6pm EST) or you may Skype him on "Steven Angelides" [steven.angelides] or "Steven J Angelides". Steve is also available on WhatsApp and Viber.

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