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Now Available... NEW PPFA Version 12.5.7

We are excited to announce that PPFA ver 12.5.7 is now available.
Over the years, PPFA has continually looked to introduce new features to help punters make informed selections.
We at PPFA, are pleased with the results that the latest version is producing.
Read on to learn about some of the new features.

After almost 5 years of research we are happy to introduce punters to PPFA SUPER-PRO which will take analysis and ratings to a new level. As many of you are aware PPFA performs many functions with variables that are “user driven” whereby the value allocated to each calculation can be molded around the thoughts and ideas each punter has with full flexibility. There are “NO RIGHTS OR WRONGS” when assessing form and races, only what “SUITS YOUR METHODOLOGY”

The team at PPFA comprising of "Form Analyst and Punter" Steven Angelides and "Computer Programmer" Nicholas Vlachou have combined together, with over 90 years of experience, to develop the Ultimate Analysis Tool to compliment Bet Selector.

This has been a work in progress since the original release of the PPJ Jockey program in 2003 to incorporate many aspects of form analysis that is embraced by Bet Selector to make it the Ultimate Analysis Tool.


1   PPFA uses our “TRACK SPECIFIC PAR TIMES” and now we have evolved to implement “TRACK SPECIFIC SECTIONAL TIMES” breaking down races into 200m splits to calculate the Speed and Tempo Closing Speeds of runners and applied values to improve ratings considerably. We will be able to assess the opening speed of each runner and then the “splits “during the race culminating with the “Closing Speed” each runner is capable of producing.

2   Using this data and information we will create more accurate “Tempo Ratings” that reflect the likely position in running and the “Tempo” that could be in play.

3   Over the years “Trials” have become more relevant than they may have been in years gone by with trainers “priming” their horses with specific “Trial Patterns” To maintain a consistent approach to all these Trial Runs PPFA will assess the Trials and apply a value based on the variables set by users. This function is in addition to any Black Book value that may be applied.

4   The Rated Price has been a “grey area” for many years with most punters, the most common question “how accurate are the rated prices” When looking at the “Base Rating” we all expect that the highest Base Rated horse will be the 1st selection but this is not the case in many races and has been a point of issue for many years. PPFA will now use the new PPFA Price Calculator to create Rated Prices for each race.

5   PPFA will also import the Fixed Odds price and display next to the Rated Price and highlight the “Unders and Over’s” for quick assessment.

6   Track Bias is a very subjective topic and many punters have different views on what constitutes “Track Bias”. When the PPFA Team is assessing form the main 2 factors are “Possible Tempo” and the “Rail Position”. Unfortunately for most punters this bias doesn’t become evident until some races have been run and then may look to reconsider options. PPFA will now give users the option to create “ON SPEED” and “RUN ON” ratings before the races have started factoring in the Possible Tempo, Rail Position, Barriers and Position in running to produce 3 sets of ratings that cover NO BIAS - ON SPEED BIAS and RUN ON BIAS.

7   Rating horses that have limited starts can be difficult given that the win will generally be in a Maiden which will have a low base-rating allocated. Some of these runners will win again but the trend seems to be that the rise in grade can find them out and they run a place but then with that additional experience a reasonable percentage will win the following start. With that in mind user will have the option to allocate a value for bonus in this scenario.

8   Ability to add comments to horse's previous runs (e.g. Stewards' Comments ) and these comments can be displayed in the race day browser on race day.

9   You may now view a consensus of all automated adjustments to the form.

10   PPFA Version 12 includes new Edit and Race Day browsers displaying all the relevant data for Punters both for Editing and viewing ratings on race day.

Professional Punters Form Analysis

Professional Punters Form Analysis (PPFA) provides an in depth analysis tool for Bet Selector users that will save invaluable time when assessing form.


Our flagship product. An in depth analysis tool that will assist all Bet Selector users in all aspects of using the program.

The modules within PPFA can be used as the user wishes with full flexibility to adjust each module to suit.



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