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Professional Punter's Form Analysis (PPFA) provides an in depth analysis tool for Bet Selector users that will save invaluable time when assesing form and assist all Bet Selector users in all aspects of using the program. As most Bet Selector users are aware, several manual adjustments need to be made to update the data to take into consideration wet tracks, jockeys, past form, distance, barrier position and track capability for each runner. This is a time consuming exercise and accuracy can be compromised in an attempt to save time. After many years of manually making these adjustments, a fully automated program has now been completed that will reduce many hours of analysis down to minutes with uncanny accuracy. Click here to see what customers have said about PPFA.

No more errors because of "time constraints, tiredness and change in track conditions during the meeting". All this will be done automatically for you. The program has many features that are set with default values. These can be adjusted by you with full flexibility to any criteria that suits your needs.

As a Bet Selector (formerly Price Predictor) user for many years, I have found the program an invaluable analysis tool when assessing runners' chances in a race. The ratings Bet Selector produces neglects several factors, many of which are catered for by PPFA, resulting in greatly enhanced ratings.

Bet Selector has always had the provision for manual assesments to be made in relation to Jockeys, Wet Tracks and Base Ratings, the only problem being the amount of time required to accurately do these adjustments. This is even more prevalent during the winter months when many tracks are rain affected and adjustments need to be made in the "View Past Form/Edit Ratings" section of Bet Selector.

For example, in the BS Wet Box, any adjustments will affect the ratings significantly and give Bet Selector a more accuarate assesment of the runners ability to handle the track conditions of todays race.

After over 20 years of indifferent betting strategies and results, I finally came to the conclusion that unless some significant input is generated, the results would remain the same.

Over the last 8 years I have come to understand the strength of form analysis and the need for this to be done in a methodical and non emotional manner. In order to maximise the strengths of Bet Selector, I have systematically approached Form Analysis in this manner with remarkable improvement being achieved in the overall success of the investments.

We have tested PPFA for the last 6 years to ensure consistency for different track conditions, different classes of races, whether they be city, provincial or country. Furthermore, and most significantly, we make money by backing our selections. As a rule, we look at the top Professional Punters Form Analysis 2 rated horses in each Qualified Betting Race - no Maidens, no fields with un-raced runners, no races with less than 8 starters after scratchings. If the horse's actual price is greater than 2/1 ($3.00), WE WILL BET on one or both of the runners. We will then give consideration to the next 2 rated horses and if the actual price is greater than 14/1 ($15.00) WE WILL BET on one or both of these runners. We never bet anything below 2/1 ($3.00).

For Novelty betting, (Quadrella, Pick 4 and Trifecta) we have found that using the Top 6 rated runners has consistently returned excellent results. This strategy has proved effective for several years now. Our methods make a profit and ultimately, that's the name of the game.

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The inclusion of the automated procedures into PPFA for "Par Times" and Field Strengths is a culmination of extensive analysis performed over the last 24 months.

By applying Track Specific "Par Times" to each track and distance users will have the ability to compare runs from one venue to another with all the runners being ranked based on their ability to run "TIME". Bonuses can then be applied as per the System Parameter Settings that individual users choose to set in each of the 4 Times Options.

The automation of the Field Strength rankings removes the time consuming effort required to monitor and apply a uniform bonus to all applicable runners.

The addition of the Race Times Analysis Browser allows users to view the relevant data on one screen with the Rated Prices, Field Strengths, Times Filters all displayed thus allowing for a complete overview of the race.

The PPFA program is now only available as Version 7.0.0 or above.
The cost of this program is $2,999.
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You will soon find that PPFA will pay for itself many times over!

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