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Changes in version 7.0.0

  • NEW! Workbooks from Steve.
    Steve has added to the range of workbooks available for PPFA.
    Contact Steve by emailing for more information.
    Email PPFA Support re PPFA WorkBooks
  • NEW! HorseForm Comments.
    Can now add comments to the HFCOMMENTS database. These comments may be added using any of "RaceTimes Sheets", "Edit Bet Selector Ratings" or "CMTD", ( Change Meeting Details ), procedures.
    To add a comment, the meeting for which you are adding a comment needs to exist in your Bet Selector Meetings File. Simply double-click on a runner to open the Form Window and any associated comments will be displayed in the browser below the HorseForm browser.
    You can add comments for current or future meetings using the above procedures. Although not recommended, you may also manage the HorseForm Comments using File Maintenance. The comments database has a procedure to allow purging of old comments.
  • NEW! Market Percentages.
    In File Maintenance, you may now set your market percentages by Day of Week, City, Provincial, Country & location of meeting. This database is then used to automatically set the Market Percentages in Bet Selector during Batch Updates.
  • NEW! RaceTimes form for Hong Kong.
    You may now set a flag in File Maintenance, System Race Times Analysis Parameters which will force the "Generate Race Times Sheets" to only use past form runs from the current meeting location.
  • NEW! PPFA BaseRatings for Hong Kong.
    You may now set a flag in File Maintenance, System PPFA Base Rating Parameters which will demote any generated ratings where the "Form Run" is not the same track as "Today's Meeting Track".
  • NEW! Trainer/Jockey Combinations ( TRAINJOCK.DBF )
    Legend used in BS "Owner" field == (C)
    If you think that a particular Trainer/Jockey combination merits a Bonus or Penalty, you can now add that combination to your the TRAINJOCK database using a tailor made procedure. During "Batch Updates", if any runner matches by Trainer/Jockey, it will have the appropriate Bonus/Penalty applied.

Fixes in Ver 7.0.0

  • None.

Changes in version 6.5.1

  • None!

Fixes in Ver 6.5.1

  • OzBet - Fixed problem caused by OzBet changing page format in January '2012.

Changes in version 6.5.0

  • NEW! Tutorials... click here!
  • NEW! PPFA Base Ratings: Please checkout Steve's Tutorials for an overview. SysPar_BR database allows user to setup parameters for generating Base Ratings from Bet Selector's CIS ratings. When viewing meetings in Bet Selector, clicking on the SRC checkbox will display the SOURCE field in the list. When PPFA's BR has been applied, the source will display PPFABRxx. Once any one of PPFA's Update procedures have been run, this will display as PPFABU - note the BR after PPFA BR & BU after PPFA Updates. The 'SOURCE' field will also display in PPFA's 'CMTD' ( Chnage Meeting, Track, Distance ).
    Using File Maintenance, you can view an audit of the Base Rating calculations. Note the Preset Filters and choice of Index.
  • NEW! New feature in update Form Analysis - Bonus if Last Start winner and starts less than user entered number of runs. If this Bonus is applied, then the Last Start Maiden Winner penalty is skipped.
  • NEW! Can now double-click on the Trainer Name in browser to display Trainer stats.
  • NEW! Can now double-click on the Jockey Name in browser to display Jockey stats.
  • NEW! Legends in Bet Selector's Horse Owner field. <E> Saved IMP, DOK, FOK, WNF, LBD & Original Base rating <L> Last Start winner and Starts less than xx bonus
  • CHANGES! SysColors.dbf - New fields for Field Strength. These new fields are used to highlight horse's which have a FS/Weight ADVANTAGE and change the colours of the "FsAdj" & "Margin" columns in the Field Strengths browser.
    eg; Down 5xFS - UP 2xKgs is an advantage : UP 2xFS - Down 5Kgs is an advantage

Fixes in Ver 6.5.0

  • Precision error in OLD Update Form Analysis fixed.
  • Unitab - skip meeting with the same name...
    Sometimes Bet Selector had the same meeting listed more than once in the list.
  • Number of PIR and Form windows you can open in browser has been limited to prevent PPFA shutting down unexpectedly.

Changes in version 6.1.0

  • NEW! Form Analysis - Can now Bonus/Penaly horse based on its Age.
    New fields added to SysPar for Age Bonus/Penalty.
    New Legend "A" in Comment Field stores Age Bonus/Penalty.
  • NEW! HORSEFORM Database Changes and Effects
    Added Field Strength column which can now be updated with the Field Strength of past runs.
    When displaying horse's form from the Race Day Times Browser you can;
    1. Display PPFA Field Strengths for past runs.
    2. Save settings and have them restored by default - see SysPar option named 'HorseForm' in the System Tab.
    3. Win and Placed runs are now colour highlighted. ( GREEN == WIN, ORANGE == PLACED )
    4. Resizing window now also expands the data.
    5. Various colour options are now available whe displaying HorseForm in the Browser.
    Procedure in Batch Updates will now update missing HorseForm Field Strengths.
  • CHANGES! SysColors.dbf - New fields for HorseForm & RaceTimes in the Browser.
  • CHANGES! RaceTimes Browser - Can now highlight Horse whose RaceTimes Ranking has improved from FRM to FRMW & from FRM to FRMWD
  • CHANGES! CMTD ( Change Meeting, Track Distance, etc... )
    Can now change Race GOING without need to run Updates for related date. Also allows for Batch Updating of GOING similar to Select Races Procedure in Batch Updates. Can also Scratch or UnScratch runners - these are highlighted in colour.
  • CHANGES! Ability to Abandon Races
  • CHANGES! Batch Updates now displays Time of last update for each process.

Fixes in Ver 6.1.0

  • Ctrl+M Menu now resizes correctly.
  • Unitab Updates fixed.
  • Tote Download Error if CyberHorse Form used when ELLERSLIE & FLEMINGTON are racing on the same day.
  • Update HorseForm ALL not updating SysPar correctly on odd occasions.
  • CMTD & Selected Races - Changing GOING to ABAND now workds correctly.
  • Fixed crash when opening Horseform from RaceDay Browser.
  • After implementing the Horse's Age Bonus/Penalty, the Manual Adjustment in Edit Bet Selector Ratings was incorrect.
    <G> used for Age Adjustments <A> for Manual Adjustments
  • Batch Updates - Reverse Manual Adjustments now reverses only the Edit Bet Selector Ratings changes. Returns the Base Rating to the value prior to the adj & removes the <A>##.# from the COMMENT field The RaceTimes & RaceDay Sheets must be re-generated to view the changes in PPFA even though they are correctly displayed in Bet Selector.
  • RaceTimes Browser: The Runners browser's height has been increased marginally so the last row is fully visible.

Changes in version 5.8.0

  • NEW! Silks Database - This database is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and contains a reference to an icon for each silk description contained in the Bet Selector Horse Files. This database will be progressivley updated and sent out to subscribers. Users using this feature will gradually see more and more icons displayed until such time as the database is complete when all Jockey Silks Icons will be displayed. These Icons are displayed as the 1st column of your RaceDaySheets w Times. This database will be maintained by PPFA and is only available to DataBase Updates subscribers. If you do not subscribe, u will see a blank icon. You may also choose not to display the Silks Icon when you select your Runners Fields to display.
  • NEW! OnLine Tutorials - see PPFA WebSite
  • NEW! Menu Icons for Edit Bet Selector Ratings, Unitab, Bet Selector System Selector & "Change Meeting Track & Race Distance"
  • NEW! Edit Bet Selector Ratings directly from PPFA. Includes online tutorial. Manual Adjustments displayed in RaceDay Browser. Legend for adjustments <A>
  • NEW! UniTAB tote downloads. Ability to choose default TOTE in System Parameters TAB_*.dbf files adjusted to accomodate UNiTAB.
  • NEW! TOTE downloads. Ability to choose Selected Races ONLY
  • NEW! BlackBook Updates now distinguish Duplicate Horses. 'Ctry' Field added to Blackbook for entry of Horse' Country Editing BlackBook from RaceDay Browser now includes the 'Ctry' Field.
  • NEW! Download BestForm directly from PPFA Batch Updates
  • NEW! Run Bet Selector System Selector from within PPFA
  • NEW! RaceTimes Report now allows selection of up to 24 runners
  • NEW! RaceTimes Browser Adjusted Browser Sizes Added Colour Selection for Manual Adjustments UP & DOWN
  • NEW! Batch Updates Added, TOTES, JOCKEYS, FIELD STRENGTHS & WEIGHTS to Selected Races Procedures
  • NEW! RaceTimes Browser - Slight Adjustment to Browser Sizes

Fixes in Ver 5.8.0

  • None

Fixes in Ver 5.7.0

  • Fixed problem when loading saved Race Day Sheets.
  • Fixed error when horse's Form Time was incorrect. eg; 1200 in 72.6 appeared as 726.6 after downloading data which caused a Data Width Error. If an incorrect time is detected, the default text editor opens displaying details.
  • Fixed error when pressing OK button in the Select Dates window without a date range selected. Default Date Range now displays correctly.

Changes in PPFA version 5.0.0

  • NEW! PPFA's HorseForm database now includes the trainer. When displayed in the RaceTimes Browser, trainer changes are now identified.
  • NEW! Ability to reverse only the weight changes made by PPFA after updating the Jockeys Bonus/Penalties.
  • NEW! System Colours File ( SYSCOLORS.DBF )
    Under System Parameters, you may now edit/select colours to be used in the RaceTimes RaceDay Browser.
  • NEW! System Parameters - Originally when generating the RaceTimes, PPFA treated Fast, Good, Dead runs as a group and Slow, Heavy runs as another group. Based on settings in the System Parameters, you may now elect to treat each track condition separately.
  • NEW! Report in RaceDay Menu allows printing of the RaceDay Browser including Field Strengths, Filtered RMWD and Unfiltered RM. The report gives you the option to print in Colour, Include/Exclude sectiions and how many runners to print for each section.
  • NEW! Procedure to change Race Codes including ability to delete meetings.
    When deleting meetings, the meeting is removed from Bet Selector's Meetings database, however, the meeting data is not deleted. Retaining the data even though the meeting is deleted allows PPFA to access these files for historical data. This procedure is important on the few occasions that meetings are moved to another venue. You can also change the distances. Another reason you may use this procedure is to change the Track Name. An example is where Bet Selector track name does not match the TAB's Track Name.
  • NEW! PIR - Runs which match today's criteria are now better highlighted.
  • NEW! Batch Updates now update the trainer in the Horseform database.
  • NEW! Batch Updates - When selecting individual races to process ( track condition change ), there is a new button which allows you to automatically change the track condition for all or remaining races based on the currently selected race. Will also automatically add these races to your selected race. eg; Current track condition for meeting xyz is DEAD. Track condition changes to HEAVY after race 2. You simply need to change Race 3 to HEAVY then use the Batch button to add 3,4,5,6,7 to your selection with the track condition automatically changed to HEAVY.
  • NEW! BlackBook Changed to allow BlackBook Bonus Penalties to be applied for up to the next 4 runs. Your preferences are set in the System Parameters where you can select how many runs to retain the BlackBook entries and how to adjust the bonus for 2nd, 3rd & 4th runs. The BlackBook comment in the RaceTimes Browser will indicate which run since the entry that the horse is having today. There is also a button which when clicked will open a more comprehensive BlackBook window which includes up to 3 Comment fields.

  • Raceday Browser with Times.
  • NEW! Various new colours are used to indicate changes in the RACES, FIELD STRENGTHS and RUNNERS browsers - Open System Colors under the System Parameters Menu to view various options.
  • NEW! When the window is re-sized, the bottom 2 browser now dynamically change size. eg when increasing the depth of the window, the Filtered RMWD and the UnFiltered RM browser now display more records.
  • NEW! Now displays Trainer and Jockey changes - indicated by colours.
  • NEW! User saved browser settings are automatically restored if you have chosen to do so. These options may be set under System Parameters.
  • NEW! Colours used in the RaceTimes Browser can now be selected by the user. See new System Colours selection procedures.

Fixes in PPFA Ver 5.0.0

  • Fixed error when Indexing with nothing selected.
  • Fixed error where some files were not being re-indexed in the Indeing Window.
  • Fixed problem when runnning OZBET downlaods and the track does not match.

Changes in PPFA version 4.5.0

  • New! Help File - Accessed by pressing the [F1] key in PPFA. Includes Search Index - This is a 'Work in Progress'.
  • New! Index Files by Group for PPFA UPDATES.
  • New! Can now change the Active Flag in Bet Selector by individual race.
  • New! 'Horses' database allows flagging of Duplicate Horse Names.
    In the past, horses with the same name racing in different countries were being treated as one and the same horse. The Horses database overcomes this problem. All procedures which access the Horseform database now process the correct data if the horse is flagged as a Duplicate. Also, if the horse is a duplicate, it is highlighted in the TAB No. column in the Race Day Browsers.
  • New! Batch Updates now includes Update Horses NEW!
  • New! 'Position In Running' in Race Day Browsers.
    Horses which meet the Criteria setup by the user are colour coded.
  • New! Ability to set up to 3 Race Alarms including Sound Files to play.
  • New! Ability to Flag Races to sound up to three Alarms in Race Day Browser with Times.
  • New! Ribbon Toolbar with Icons for easy selection of procedures to execute.
  • New! Most Menus Items displayed with associated Icon.
  • New! RaceTimes_NOT_Filtered_RM can now be archived into a RaceTimes_Archive Database.
    This feature allows you to analyse historical results of the RaceTimes.
  • New! Batch Updates now allow update of the RaceTimes_NOT_Filtered_RM with the OzBet Results at the End of Day. This data can optionally be added to the RaceTimes_Archive database.
  • Changed! Batch Updates now have up to 4 pre-sets for easier update choices:
    1. Daily 2. Selected Races 3. End of Day 4. Historical
    Each of the above pre-sets automatically set the defaults for the OzBet downloads.
  • Changed! Batch Updates can now be set to automatically execute at a given time.
  • Changed! Batch Updates now include automatic OzBet downloads for each batch.
  • Changed! Batch Updates now include 'Update HorseForm NEW' for each batch.
  • New! Batch Updates now allow you to set your OzBet options before batch processing.
  • New! Batch Updates now allow choice of races to update - much quicker for changing Track Conditions for one meeting or selected races during Race Day.
  • New! Batch Updates now allow saving of and Exporting BS Base Ratings. Once the BS Base Ratings have been saved, they can be re-applied in cases where manual changes have been made.

Fixes in PPFA Ver 4.5.0

  • In some instances, the BS Base Rating was being set to either less than minus 9.9 or greater than 99.9. This caused a "Data Width" error during processing. The BS Base Rating ha now been limited to the range 0 to 99.9
  • Duplicate horse names can now be identified.

Changes in PPFA version 4.2.0

  • Ability to Save Bet Selector Ratings, RAW or Adjusted.
  • Ability to Restore Bet Selector Ratings to Saved Ratings.
  • Ability to Export to a Report Current and Saved BS Ratings showing differences.
  • Ability to select individual races for updating.
  • Ability to change BS Track Condition from within PPFA.
  • Ability to Automatically Add RaceTimes_NOT_Filtered_RM to RaceTimes_Archive.
  • Batch Updates - Date Range, Selected Races, Export Base Ratings, Daily, End of Day, Historical.
  • File Maintenance - RaceTimes_Archive with same filters as RaceTimes_NOT_Filtered.

Changes in PPFA version 4.1.2

  • Ability to Batch Process Updates including Race Day Sheets with Auto Update PPFA.
  • Auto Update PPFA from within PPFA ( Thanks to Neale of Bet Selector ) Race Day Sheets with Times redesigned to show more of the bottom 2 Times Boxes.
  • Improved Export Routines in File Maintenance.
  • In Race Times Sheets, if a horse has not appeared in any of the Filtered Windows it is HIGHLIGHTED in the Un-Filtered Window.
  • FileMaintenance - View Latest Downloaded WA TAB Results.
  • Ability to store TAB Results in RaceTimes Audit for Analysis.
  • FileMaintenance - View Latest RaceTimes Audit with heaps of filters for analysis.

Fixes in PPFA Ver 4.1.2

  • Problem in HorseForm Analysis where Horse Name in Form File was not being correctly identified.
    This problem was caused by the occasional difference in the Horse Name;
    eg; 'King of Spades' <> 'King Of Spades' - Lowercase 'o' in 'of' then Uppercase 'O' in 'Of'
    eg; 'King the Spades' <> 'King The Spades' - Lowercase 't' in 'the' then Uppercase 'T' in 'The'
  • File Maintenance Exports Limited to 30,000 records. Excel limit is 65,000 odd

Changes in PPFA version 4.1.0

  • Ability to download TAB info from the WA TAB ( OzBet ).
  • Ability to Name and Manage Archived sets of RaceDay Sheets.
  • Ability to load Archived RaceDay Sheets by Archive Name.

Changes in PPFA Version 4.0.0

This upgrade introduces some important NEW features and the RACE TIMES MODULES together with some minor fixes since the release of 3.0.0.

The NEW version can be safely installed over your exisiting version with out loss of your existing functionality. Please check below for differences between the LIMITED, UNLIMITED and UNLIMITED with RACE TIMES versions.

NEW FEATURES - ALL versions:

  • File Maintenance Routines now allow Exporting of Data according to user's choice of fields. Includes ability for user to save as many export formats as they like.
  • New Race Day Sheets Reports including ability to print Field Strengths, CSV Bet File, All runners or Selected Runners.
  • File Maintenance Exports can be loaded directly into Excel ( Microsoft )
  • Alternative Menus
  • Backup, Restore and Delete Backup of Bet Selector Files by Date Range.
  • New Tutorials available via the PPFA web site.
  • After updating, the "completed message" now displays the Date Range processed.
  • Ctrl + U now displays the accelerator keys available.
  • Ability to re-generate Race Classes to be used by the "Set BS Active" procedure.

NEW FEATURES - Unlimited + Race Times:

  • RaceTimes Database containing best average times for most distances from most tracks throughout Australia, New Zealand & Honk Kong.
  • Ability to apply bonus to bet Selector Rating by comparing HorseForm Runs to PPFA's RaceTimes.DBF.
  • RaceTimes Parameters allowing users to define their own Race Times Criteria.
  • Ability to apply bonus to bet Selector Rating based on Field Strength Ranking.
  • Field Strengths Parameters allowing users to define their own Field Strengths Criteria.
  • RaceDay Browser which displays Races, Runners, Field Strengths and 4 x Times Windows.
  • Can now check if BlackBook entries are racing today complete with Race Details.

FIXES Since version 3.0.0:

  • Set Active Flag in BS Races plus Updated Race Classes.
  • Form Analysis Updates for Slow & Heavy Fixed.
  • Updating Bet Selector when the races were not in sequential order fixed. This was mainly caused by NZ meetings which had both Thoroughbred and Trots on the same card.

Changes in PPFA Version 3.0.0

This upgrade introduces some important NEW features together with some minor fixes since the release of 2.6.0.

The NEW version will cost $500 (AUD) to Upgrade or $899 (AUD) for first-time users. Existing users may request a LIMITED Upgrade which is supplied FREE. Please check below for differences between the LIMITED and UNLIMITED versions.


NEW FEATURES - Limited & Unlimited versions:

  • New File Maintence procedures - See manual for full description
  • Jockey Apprentice Claims now update the weight to be carried to the Actual Weight after Apprentice Claim
  • Jockey Allowances do not require the Apprentice Claim to be added to the Jockey Allowance
  • Procedure to Fix Uppercase Jockey Names - prevents duplicates

NEW FEATURES - Unlimited version:

  • Field Strength Database together with appropriate Update Procedures
  • Field Strengths now displayed in Race Day Browser
  • Ability to apply a Penalty or Bonus in the BlackBook
  • Blackbook Penalty/Allowance can now be appled automatically
  • Trainers DataBase together with the ability to update Bonus
  • Ability to penalise horses carrying big weights
Click here to view a screenshot of the new PPFA Field Strengths in the Race Day Browser.

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