Quaddie Buster

PPFA Quaddie Buster has been created to assist Punters in placing Quaddie & Treble bets with Australian TAB's. You may use traditional ALL-WAYS betting or Quaddie Buster's unique system which reduces the overall investment dollars. Using the Quaddie Buster System, as long as one TOP RATER wins one leg, then any winning selection from the other legs will result in a winning ticket.

PPFA Quaddie Buster allows you to select a Percenatge to bet for Flexi betting in NSW & Victoria, or multiples of Half Units for other States. PPFA Quaddie Buster will then produce the Ticket Text required to place the bet. This is simply copied to the On-Line TAB you are using.

Placing a normal ALL-WAYS Quaddie of 3 from 8 from 6 from 9 would cost AUD$1,296. Placing the same bet using QUADDIE BUSTER would cost AUD$736.

Quaddie Buster Screenshot

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