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I would like to recommend this PPFA software add-on (sort of) to Bet Selector. In helping to properly add in adjustments for the various factors it covers, it saves the user heaps of time, time that some of us don't want to or cannot spend, despite its value. The factors are well thought out and researched, although one may differ in opinion on some of the penalties etc. But this is fine too and is a major positive, as it enables the user, after becoming acquainted with the program, to test and sort their own ideas and adjustments, with fine researched base penalties with which to compare. My returns have much improved since becoming acquainted with it. It is made for the fine Bet Selector program that provides data manipulation and a fine base assessment and factor filtering. PPFA complements Bet Selector by enhancing the form analysis capabilities of Bet Selector, and in my opinion it does it well. Cheers

Just finished manually updating all the meetings I missed while on holiday. No regular access to internet where I was travelling Manually updating scratchings, jocks, tracks, applying PPFA adjustments then checking results was a real pain but worth it in the end. Would have made a nice steady profit if I had been home. Nice to see results are being maintained over an extended period.

The PPFA adjusted B/S ratings continue to perform amazingly well I am filtering the selections using a few basic filters, different for G and DSH tarcks. I'm not comfortable with the large number of bets some other stratagies use. My results today were 100% POT on 19 bets My results Sunday to today were 48 bets for 89% POT. Enough bets to keep me interested every day. The trend over the last 2 months is continuing. Have totally put aside my old hard won systems. Thanks again.

I purchased the Staker program last week and am so happy with it I won the purchase price back with the first winner I hit using the program, it is easy to use and allows the user flexibility with setting a divisor to suit and entering the number of selections to bet on in each race And when your bet increases you are betting with winnings, not increasing the bet to chase losses I am very pleased I bought it and look forward to many profitable days using the Staker and would recommend it to anyone wanting a controlled approach to betting

I decided to take the time to run the PPFA changes across a relatively significant period of past data. I went back to the start of 2007, which for me is all Saturday metro races, most midweek metro races, all Vic country races, and a fair amount of interstate country races. Before I ran the PPFA changes, I ran a simple CIS system based on Predicted Margin, and came up with a small but consistent loss over the period. It took hours to go over all the data, after running the PPFA software. I then ran my simple system again, and found it made a POT of over 20%, with a strike rate of around 30%. I was amazed at the difference. The metro and smbaw (provincial) races were the greatest improvers in profit and strike rate. The most pleasing part of my testing was the limited system rules required to make a profit. It allowed me lots of bets, yet the profit remained consistent over the five and a half months of results. Both win and place bets were in profit, and the run of outs was low. Very impressive.

All I can say to you both is MANY THANKS for the PPFA program. In the past like Michal & many others I have been using BS for several years and have had moderate success but nothing like that I have experienced by using PPFA program,the difference this program makes is amazing. Take yesterday for eg. there were 32 races which I played around with and I ended up with 22 winners, the best being at Randwick where I won 8 from 8, and Morphettville where I won 7/8. I know that Steve has stated that the program will work better on wet tacks but hey for me I have had great success with dry & wet tracks so I am extremely happy with the way the PPFA program helps me as being a pensioner a few extra dollars helps. Excellent product.

The thing I like best about this development is the versatility of the B/S and PPFA combination. I can use B/S to get initial ratings, use PPFA to adjust the ratings, making up for some deficiencies in B/S, and then devise a method to filter the resulting ratings to arrive at betting races and selections in those races. I like the fact that I can adjust everything in PPFA to my own ideas. I have used Steven's experience with PPFA as a guide but have my own jockey ratings and method of using the ratings in punting. As time goes by I will explore modifications to other parameters but that will take a lot of work and require a lot more PPFA historical ratings. In the meantime I am finding my results on both good and wet tracks equally profitable so now I don't care if the tracks are wet or dry. The B/S / PPFA combination can handle anything (so far, knock on wood, etc.). I know the Early Crow is a terrible thing to invoke but I'm having fun.

I just thought I would say thanks for the PPFA program in general and the new upgrade. I have been using BS for several years and while the program is great there really havent been any advancments in the ratings side. PPFA has now brought BS from the dark ages and back into contention with other software that have bypassed BS a long time ago. The strike rate improvements are noticable and even more so while the track is rain effected. The additional form calculation are spot on in their implementation, and while I may not aggree with some of the setting I am abel to change them to suit my betting style which is even better then a fixed set of rules. The race browser is just the beez neez, finaly nomore opening and closing meetings to inspect races and individual horse form, and the fact that all the runs are there is just even better bonus. All in time order so simple and effective. Black book, well there is an inovation. I guess your program is what BS should have had years ago. Steven there is no substitute for reaserch when trying to work out the races, individual ideas is what gives us the edge. I am glad that I can set things the way I want, I folowed your sheets for a while but now I belive that I am ready to stand on my own feet and think for myself. I see that your sheets dont exactly reflect my PPFA output but I think that you have explained it that you do aditional work that is rightfully yours to keep. I feel almost embaresed at the ammount of information that you have passed onto us for such a measly price but thank you anyway. Great product.

I have now been using this program in conjunction with Bet Selector now for the past three weeks and I can tell you all now with complete confidence that my strike rate has improved out of sight.

I have a system which throws up $10 + winners. I ran that system over raw data for last Saturday resulting in no selections. I then ran again with PPFA adjustments and found 1 selection, Banc de Fortune at Randwick which won at $15 Top flucuation. A closer look also revealed PPFA had eliminated 3 horses from my original selections (all losers). So in this case the benefit is obvious.

Before I had PPFA it would take me hours & hours just to do the form, but by using this excellent program I am up & running just ina few minutes and the results so far have been fantastic and my strike rate has improved. I would highly recommend this program for everyone that is currently using BS, it will save you time and your strike rate will definately improve, lets face it any help to make a $ always helps.

It is obvious that the designer is an accomplished Bet Selector user and has certainly given a great deal of thought in introducing the different sections of the program. I have always been wary and skeptical of betting on wet tracks mainly because all my systems and ratings seem to be way off and was most interested in the way that part of the program works so I had a look at its performance in those conditions. I was surprised as to how accurate the assessments were, I basically was looking at the mechanics and how the bonuses/penalties were applied in the various conditions, and I used the defaults and then changed the percentage values to see what happened. The program applied the bonus/penalty as per my new settings and a new set of ratings was generated, not to say they all won, but certainly the strike rate was a marked improvement on what I have been doing in the past and this gives me great confidence in the program for the future.

I would recommend that any BS user have a look at this program. Over the last 3 months there have been many winners at double figure odds and the strike rate has been excellent.

I am finding PPFA very interesting and believe I have already paid for the program. PPFA had a selection for my pet system which BS without PPFA did not on Super Saturday at Caulfield. Backed the selection, Tango Amigo's, and paid for PPFA. Basically I am very happy and feel it is a great additional tool in my battle with the bookies.

At the price its a give away, just based on the years of research and months of programing and testing. When I finaly learned the price I thought that I was getting mates rates, I was, but so is everyone else. For others, that are questioning the price, and how good can it be if its this cheep, can relax, its great value, and most certainly an effective tool to be used in conjunction with Bet Selector Platinum. Many people, me included, have said in the past that this is the best time to be involved in BS, now with PPFA available, this has never been more true.

Last Friday 2/3/07 I was very fortunate to obtain a copy of PPFA. Once installed and a few instructions from Steve I had the program up and running. This program is so simple to use and takes only a couple of minutes and all is done for you. Saturday and Sunday my stike rate improved 15% and 12% respectively and POT had also increased. This program is a great enhancement to BS and anyone who has BS should contact Steve to obtain a copy for trial or what ever.

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