Differences in PPFA Licensing

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Use the following table to reference the features included with each of the PPFA License Levels.

Description Level
Limited with OzBet 1
UnLimited 5
UnLimited with RaceTimes 6
UnLimited with OzBet 7
UnLimited with RaceTimes, OzBet 8
UnLimited with RaceTimes, OzBet, Select 9
UnLimited with RaceTimes, OzBet, Select15 15
UnLimited with RaceTimes, OzBet, Select16 16
UnLimited ver 6.5.0, Select16 + BaseRatings 17
UnLimited ver 7.0.0 18

Function/Procedure 0 1 5 6 7 8 9 15 16 17 18
Ability to create comments against every form run NNNNNNNNNNY
Automatic Updating of Market Percentages NNNNNNNNNNY
Bonus/Penalties for Trainer/Jockey Combinations NNNNNNNNNNY
Match Hong Kong Tracks for PPFA Base Ratings NNNNNNNNNNY
Match Hong Kong Tracks for RaceTimes NNNNNNNNNNY
Ability to update RaceTimes for Specific Track Conditions NNNNNNNY YYY
Trainer included in Horseform Database NNNNNNNY YYY
Trainer and Jockey changes highlighted in colour NNNNNNNY YYY
Auto restore RaceTimes Browser field selections NNNNNNNY YYY
Transfer meeting to another venue NNNNNNNY YYY
Identify Trainer Changes NNNNNNNY YYY
User defined System Colours to highlight changes in the RaceTimes Browser NNNNNNNY YYY
Raceday Report inc Field Strengths and Times with print colour option NNNNNNNY YYY
BlackBook for up to 4 Runs NNNNNNNY YYY
Field Strengths NNYYYY YY YYY
Set Active Flag in BS by Class NNYYYY YY YYY
Set Active Flag in BS by Race NNNNNNYY YYY
Race Classes Database YYYYY YYY YYY
Trainers Database and relevant procedures NNYYYY YY YYY
Ability for Weight Penalties NNYYYY YY YYY
Update BS with Race Times Bonus NNNYNY YY YYY
OzBet Downloads NYNNYY YY YYY
Field Strengths NNYYY YYY YYY
Update BS Form Field Strengths Bonus NNNYNYY Y YYY
Ability to Archive RaceTimes Data NNNNNNYY YYY
Batch Updates Daily Procedures NYNNYY YY YYY
Batch Updates Selected Races, End of Day and Historical NNNNNNYY YYY
Position in Running NNNNNNYY YYY
Select Individual Races for Processing NNNNNNYY YYY
Export Base Ratings NNNNNNYY YYY
Race Day Alarms NNNNNNYY YYY
Auto Batch Update Groups NNNNNNYY YYY
Select Active Flag for Individual Races NNNNNNYY YYY
Horses Database (Avoid Duplicate Horse Names) NNNNNNYY YYY
Update Horses New NNNNNNYY YYY
Horses Age Bonus/Penalty NNNNNNYY YYY
PPFA Generated Base Ratings NNNNNNNN NYY
Function/Procedure 0 1 5 6 7 8 9 15 16 17 18

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